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TapCard's Networking Eco-System
TapCard's Networking NFC System
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Embrace the smartness of the new without letting go of the authenticity of the old.

Add a splash of color to it or let the monochrome shine through,who are we to tell?

Customize your Tapcard in just a few clicks!
Express your unique personality with TapCard's customizable design options. Craft your card to reflect your individuality and create a memorable first impression, effortlessly connecting with a simple tap.

What advantages does TapCard offer over traditional paper business cards?

Italian Trulli

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.



Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.



Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.



What is TapCard ?

TapCard: Networking Simplified. Instantly share contact details with a tap, using NFC technology. No apps needed for recipients, full privacy control for you. Eco-friendly, TapCard is changing the game. Join now and connect smarter.

How does it work ?

**TapCard: Connect Instantly, Share Effortlessly.** With TapCard, leveraging NFC technology, networking is as simple as a tap. No more juggling business cards or manually inputting contact details. Just tap a phone against your TapCard, and share your custom profile instantly—no physical cards, no hassle.

Designed for convenience and control, the TapCard app lets you manage what information you share, ensuring your networking is as private or open as you wish. Whether it's contact information, social media, or your portfolio, TapCard makes connections meaningful and eco-friendly. **Elevate your networking game with TapCard—where sharing meets simplicity.**

Does the other person need TapCard to receive my info?

TapCard: Your Digital Identity. Customize, share securely, and connect on social media with just a tap. All your info, one TapCard. Effortless networking redefined.

Not working on iPhone

TapCard Usage Guide:

1. Compatibility: TapCard works with any phone model, ensuring universal sharing capability.

2. How to Tap: On an iPhone, tap TapCard to the upper front/back area for best results.

3. When TapCard Won't Work:
- Phone is in airplane mode.
- Flashlight is active.
- Screen is off.
- Camera app is open.

Ensure a smooth TapCard experience by checking these conditions.

Not working on Android

1. Make sure their phone is TapCard compatible :

accessibility Compatible DevicesThe phone model you have does not matter when sharing!

2. Tap either on the upper back near the camera or the centre back of your android.

3. Make sure NFC is turned on in their phone settings.If their phone is on the compatible devices list and is still not reading your TapCard, go to their phone settings and search for NFC. Make sure that "NFC" is turned on!

If you still have a problem with sharing, contact us

How do I share with non-compatible phones?

TapCard Sharing for Everyone:

Don't have NFC? No problem! Each TapCard comes with a QR card. Here’s how to use it:

1. Scan the QR Code: Anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code using their camera or a QR scanning app.

2. Access the Profile: The QR code directs to your TapCard profile page, showcasing the info you’ve chosen to share.

This feature ensures TapCard is inclusive, extending your networking reach beyond NFC-enabled devices.

Will my Sticker work under my phone case?

TapCard Stickers: Seamless Compatibility.

Worried about your phone case? Don't be:

1. Thin and Flexible Design: TapCard stickers are designed to be thin and flexible, ensuring they adhere securely without impacting your phone case's functionality.

2. Signal Permeability:NFC signals pass through most cases effortlessly, letting you share TapCard info without a hitch.

3. Metal Cautions: Watch for metal layers in your case, as they might interfere with NFC signals. Without metal, TapCard stickers work like a charm.

Enjoy hassle-free networking—TapCard and your phone case are a perfect match!

What is 07-Day Satisfaction Policy ?

TapCard Satisfaction Guarantee: Unleash Networking Confidence.

Discover seamless networking risk-free with our 07-day satisfaction guarantee.

How It Works:
1. Explore for 07 Days:From your TapCard purchase, enjoy 07 days of efficient networking exploration.

2. Satisfaction Unleashed:If, between 07 - 10 days, TapCard doesn't meet your expectations, we've got you covered.

Our Promise:
In case you're not entirely satisfied after 07 days, email us at Our dedicated team ensures a prompt refund for your entire purchase.

Unleash the potential of TapCard—confident networking, guaranteed.